Frozen Foods

Our aim is not just to make the most unrivalled range of frozen products but also to be the very best, so all you have to worry about is what to eat tonight!

Shazans Snacks and Chicken & Meat 

Samosas, Rolls, Sheekh Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Burgers, Sausages, Patties, Microcook Kebabs, Microcook Chapli Kebabs, Microcook Tikka, Microcook Spicy Wings, Paratha, Chicken Bites.

 Shana Bread, Vegetables
Shana Plain Paratha, Shana Onion Paratha, Shana Chilli Paratha, Shana Garlic Paratha, Shana Lacha Paratha, Shana Chapatti, Shana Masala Chapatti (Thepla), Shana Stuffed Paratha, Aloo Palak, Shana Stuffed Paratha, Mix Veg, Shana Chilli & Coriander Naan, Shana Plain Naan, Shana Garlic Naan, NEW Shana Half Moon, Aloo Roti, NEW Shana Half Moon Dal Roti, NEW Shana Half Moon, Puran Roti.
Shana Whole Baby Okra, Shana Okra Cut, Shana Methi, Shana Karela, Shana Tindora, Shana Tuvar, Shana Guar, Shana Valpapdi, Shana Dudhi, Shana Papdi-Lilva, Shana Turia, Shana Mixed Vegetable Samosas, Shana Punjabi Samosas, Shana Chilli Paneer Samosa, Shana Paneer Tikka Samosa, Shana Peas & Paneer Samosa, Shana Patra.

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